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Technology Resources
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Student Resources

Who can use the FLTC?  Any student taking a class offered by the Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and the English Language Institute is welcome!  

Digital Satellite TV.  Students can watch several international TV channels from all over the world in room 308.
Access to Video Library. View course-related foreign language videos either remotely or in room 385 Manoogian.
Word processing. Type your papers in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Pick up a handout or get personal instruction on how to type accent marks.
Internet access.  Students can access WSU Blackboard, Pipeline, check email, or surf the web in 308 Manoogian on a PC or Macintosh computer.
Wireless Internet access in all areas of the FLTC
Audio and video recording with digital software
Foreign language podcasts via FLTC server
CD and DVD burning on lab computers
Document scanning in computer lab
Printing or copying with OneCard in room 308
Large format Printing.  With the consent of instructor, students may print large posters for class assignments.  




Students in language courses at Wayne State University have two options to access audio and video materials relating to their course books.
1.    FLTC website.  Students in foreign language courses can access their audio and video material on our website.
2.    CAN8 digital language learning software that enables students to record themselves and practice their pronunciation. Students can access lessons through CA




Digital Stories Competition.  Students create digital stories of their study abroad or other cultural experiences.  Award winning entries can be viewed at the FLTC website.
Foreign Film Nites.  Instructors and the FLTC co-host course-related foreign language and culture films.  
Student Equipment Checkouts.  With the consent of instructor, students may borrow equipment for class assignments.  

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