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The Power of Online Listening - Last year, thanks to FLTC generosity, I received a mini-grant to make “Let’s Learn Polish”, a series of 30 well-produced and entertaining videos showing the daily life of a Polish family, their problems and joys, as well as Polish traditions, available to students on the FLTC server...more 
Russian Listening Comprehension: Computer-Based Learning Using Online Video Materials for Advanced Students - One of the more difficult Russian language skills to teach in the classroom is listening comprehension. Mastering this skill requires significant exposure to the spoken language, which class time constraints do not permit. Moreover, students need to be exposed to a variety of different speakers with different types of enunciation, rates of speech, and vocabulary...more 
Emil und die Detektive - As Sangeetha Gopalakrishnan says, iPods are ubiquitous. How-ever, iPods were not of my gen-eration. But that was then, and now….
My project was to create podcasts to supplement the reader, Emil und die Detektive, which students read in German 2010 of the Beginning German Language Se-quence (BGLS). The purpose of the podcasts was to make the reading more accessible to students ...
Listening Comprehension: Computer-Based Learning Using Online Video Materials - The goal of this project was to create a listening comprehension course for students of Russian. In our regular Russian courses, students watch videos and listen to audio recordings in order to develop their listening skills... more
iMythology - Podcasts, short recorded files which can include both audio and video, were originally developed as part of the revolution that began with the Apple iPod. While early podcasts were mostly for entertainment purposes, their potential as an educational tool has quickly been exploited by teachers at all levels all over the country...more
The Virtual Textbook - Last summer, I obtained an FLTC Mini-Grant to develop online course materials for French 2720, Contemporary Quebec Culture. This course is built around films that portray Quebec society from the early 20th century to the present day. The course was divided into five time periods, and students watched two films per time period...more
  Supporting Students' Listening Skills and Language Learning Through Video Animations - My project consists of the creation of a series of six short films created with anima-tion software. These videos will present situa-tions involving a small group of characters and will be used in my ITA1010 class primarily for listening com-prehension exercises....more
Creating 'This American Life' with iPods - Why did you come to the United States?” asks Yolande. She poses this question to one of several immigrants she is interviewing. She records the interviews on an iPod fitted with a Griffin iTalk, a recording device. She, along with other students in her group, is putting together an audio story for a class project....more
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