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Modern French Literary Studies in the Classroom: Pedagogical Strategies

Charles J. Stivale, editor

New York: MLA Publications, 2004

Updated July 20, 2011
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Table of Contents for the complete volume (*** indicates essays with links to related documents)

Preface - Charles J. Stivale (Wayne State University)

I. Instructing Readers: Linguistic and Literary Frameworks

Kate Paesani (Wayne State University): "Using Literature to Develop Foreign Language Proficiency: Toward an Interactive Classroom"

David A. Powell (Hofstra University): "Linguistic Contexts for Studying Literary Texts"

Gayle A. Levy (University of Missouri-Kansas City): "Reading dans tous les sens: Thoughts on Teaching Un coup de dés"

Laurence M. Porter (Michigan State University), Anita Alkhas and Larry Kuiper (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee): "Fostering Creativity in Literary Study"

II. Exploring the Cultural: Pedagogical Devices

Anne E. McCall (Tulane University): "Culturally Uncompromising"

*** Adrianna M. Paliyenko (Colby College): "Collaboration Matters: Sparking a Connection between French Literary and Cultural Studies"

*** Kathryn M. Grossman (Pennsylvania State University): "Teaching Notre-Dame de Paris: A Classic Case"

Véronique Flambard-Weisbart (Loyola Marymount University): "Potential Reader, Potential Writer: Global Simulations in the French Literature Classroom"

John Anzalone (Skidmore College): "Teaching in the Margins of the Nineteenth Century"

*** Michael Garval (North Carolina State University): "Teaching 'Tours de France'"

III. Expanding Horizons: Interdisciplinary Challenges

*** Charles J. Stivale: "From Jourdain to Trissotin: Speaking the Tongues of Theory"

*** Garett R. Heysel (Lycoming College): "Loosening the Knot: Professing Sexuality in Nineteenth- Century French Studies"

*** Doris Y. Kadish (University of Georgia): "Cultural Diversity and Nineteenth-Century French Studies"

Marie Lathers (Case Western Reserve University): "Sculpted Texts"

*** Cynthia Running-Johnson and Judith F. Stone (Western Michigan University): "French Identities in Film: An Interdisciplinary Approach To French Culture"

IV. Stitching the Quilt: Institutional Demands, Curricular Strategies

*** E. Nicole Meyer (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay): "Shifting Contexts: Choosing Texts to Fit Institutional, Programmatic, and Individual Needs"

*** Deborah A. Harter (Rice University): "Balancing Acts: French Studies and the Graduate and Undergraduate Classroom"

Gayle Zachmann (University of Florida): "Overseas Engagements: The Presence and the Futures of Study Abroad"

Nathalie Rachlin (Scripps College): "French Today: The Relevance of Undergraduate French Studies, to Teachers and their Students"

Melanie Hawthorne (Texas A&M University): "Globalization, the New Regionalism, and Foreign Language Studies"