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Modern French Literary Studies in the Classroom: Pedagogical Strategies

Charles J. Stivale, editor

New York: MLA Publications

Updated June 7, 2004

Charles J. Stivale: "From Jourdain to Trissotin: Speaking the 'Tongues' of Theory"

 FRE 6810-2000 - Nineteenth-Century French Novel

 FRE 777-1996 - Seminar: Socio-Cultural Semiotics

 FRE 7770-2000 - Seminar: Literary Criticism and Cultural Studies

 FRE 874-1991 - Seminar: La "Question Femme"

 FRE 8740-1997 - Seminar: Autour de Rimbaud

 Supplementary Meetings on Professional Issue (FRE 777)

 The French Review, vol. 72, no. 6 (May 1999)
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