Liz Constable, University of California-Davis

NCFS 2001 -- University of Wisconsin, Madison

Roundtable on Pedagogical Issues: Experiences and Experiments

Updated: March 14, 2003

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"Feeling demented, tormented, and/or mentored: Mentoring through literature in graduate education"

This presentation consists of the original syllabus I used to teach a graduate seminar on 19th-century re-writings of Pygmalion and Galatea narratives. From this "seed" grew the project that is developed in the subsequent links.

Stage 1: Monitory Tales of Education in the Graduate Literature Seminar.

Stage 2: Lateral Mentoring Tips from Outside the Seminar -- Description of a lateral mentoring structure that I proposed on campus as an alternative to the conventional top-down mentoring structures currently in operation.

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