The French Review, vol. 72, no. 6 (May 1999)

 Pro-Seminar Outline: Winter 1993

- Winter Semester 1993 -

Coordinators: John Eipper & Charles J. Stivale

As a means to de-mythify and explain some important issues, practices and procedures that face language professionals as they prepare to enter "the profession," the coordinators propose a series of four meetings during Winter semester to discuss practical details on the following subject areas:

-- -Strategic Research Procedures-: Discussion of available library resources (bibliographical, periodical, on-line and CD searches) and of common research practices for preparing projects for papers (whether in courses or for conferences) and for eventual publication.

-- -Conferencing and Publishing, without Perishing-: Discussion of the step-by-step process for developing a publishable scholarly work: pursuing the initial research idea, calls for papers and the conference abstract, protocols of the conference paper, revisions and preparation of journal formats, the essay for publication.

-- -Market (Un)Realities: The Job Search Process-: Discussion of the apparatus developed through the MLA for conducting a job search in foreign languages: the Job Information List (and other sources); responding to a job announcement: preparing the cover letter, the c.v., the placement file; at the MLA convention; the follow-up: protocols of the campus visit, the wait, the offer, the "end-game".

-- -Negotiating Theories-: Discussion of the array of critical theories that inform scholarly papers and publications as a means to help new professionals situate themselves in readings and
writings and conference participation.

Each session will last approximately one hour, and the coordinators hope to prepare handouts, when appropriate, that will serve as resources for participants.

In order to have a sense of an appropriate time for these meetings, we would appreciate your completing and returning to CJ Stivale the form below.

Name: ___________________________________________

Please circle days/times that you could meet (we assume that those not circled are in conflict with another commitment):

-- Mon 2 PM -- Weds 2 PM -- Fri 2 PM

-- Mon 3 PM -- Weds 3 PM -- Fri 3 PM