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Home Address: 5440 Cass Ave., Apt. 502 Telephone: xxxxxx
Detroit, MI 48202

Professional Department of Romance Lanaguages & Literatures
Address: Wayne State University, 487 Manoogian Telephone:
Detroit, MI 48202 (313) 577-3002

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[Not obligatory] Marital Status: xxxxx Social Security No.: xxxxx

Ph.D. 1981: University of Illinois-Urbana (French Literature)
Dissertation: Oeuvre de sentiment, oeuvre de combat: la Trilogie Jacques Vingtras" de Jules Vallès. -DAI-, 42 (1981), p. 691-A (Director: Robert J. Nelson)
Maîtrise 1974: Université de Paris, Sorbonne-Paris IV (French Literature)
M.A. 1973: Université de Paris, Sorbonne-Paris IV (French Civilization)
B.A. 1971: Knox College (Modern Language major: French/German)
Diploma 1967: Cascia Hall Preparatory School, Tulsa, OK

1990-present: Associate Professor, Wayne State University, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
1986-1990: Assistant Professor, Tulane University, Department of French and Italian
1982-1986: Assistant Professor, Franklin and Marshall College, Department of French and Italian
1981-1982: Resident Director, CIEE Cooperative Study Center, Université de Haute-Bretagne, Rennes, France
1980-1981: Instructor, Western Michigan University, Department of Modern and Classical Languages
1977-1980 Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Illinois, Department of French
1976-1977: Resident Director, Knox College Junior Year Abroad Program, Besançon, France

1988-present Member of Editorial Board, -Cincinnati Romance Review-
1990-present Field bibliographer, MLA International Bibliography-

1989-90: Summer research grant and course development grant, the Newcomb Foundation, Newcomb College (Tulane University)
1988: Summer research fellowship, Tulane Committee on Research
1987: Grant for participation in the Mellon Summer Research Seminar with J. Hillis Miller (Tulane University)
1987: Grant for curriculum planning of the Tulane Interdisciplinary Program in Literary Theory
1983: ACLS Travel Fellowship
1975-1976: University Fellowship, Graduate School, University of Illinois-Urbana
1973-1974: French Government Scholarship, Cultural Attach‚, French Consulate

PUBLICATIONS: See attached bibliography


French Language
Introductory French (Western Michigan University, 1980-81, Wayne State University, 1990-92)
Review of French Grammar (Tulane University, 1986-90)
Intermediate Oral and Written Expression (Franklin & Marshall College, 1982-86)
Tutorial for language teaching assistants (Franklin & Marshall, 1982-86)
Advanced Oral and Written Expression (WSU, winter 1991)

French Literature
Survey of Drama and Poetry (Western Michigan, spring 1981)
Introduction to Literary Techniques (Franklin and Marshall, fall 1984, 1985)
Works in the French Tradition (translation) (Franklin & Marshall, spring 1985)
Survey of Seventeenth-Century (Franklin & Marshall, spring 1984)
Seminar: Classical Theater (Franklin & Marshall, spring 1983)
Survey of Eighteenth-Century (Franklin & Marshall, spring 1986)
The Nineteenth-Century Novel (Tulane, fall 1986)
Senior Seminar: "Narrative Desire" (Tulane, spring 1987)
Concepts in Literary Theory (Tulane, fall 1987)
Graduate Seminar in Nineteenth-Century French Studies: "L'Irréel du Réalisme" (Tulane, fall 1988)
Graduate Seminar in Nineteenth-Century French Studies: "La 'Question Femme' au Dix-Neuvième Siècle" (WSU, fall 1991)

French Civilization
Survey of French Culture and Civilization: Origins to the Revolution (Franklin & Marshall, fall 1982-84)
Survey of French Culture and Civilization: The Revolution to the Present (Franklin & Marshall, spring 1982-84)
French Language and Civilization (Tulane, spring 1988)
French Civilization (WSU, fall 1990)

Special Courses
Independent Study: "Structuralism and Semiotics" (Franklin & Marshall, spring 1985)
Honors Colloquium: "Semiotics and Society" (Tulane, spring 1989)
Women's Studies Colloquium: "Women's Textualities" (Tulane, spring 1990)

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In Progress: "The Art of Rupture": Narrative Desire and Duplicity in the Tales of Guy de Maupassant.

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"Maupassant and the 'War-Machine': This Novella Which Is Not One" and organized panel on "Nineteeth-Century French Textualities: la nouvelle." Cincinnati Romance Languages Conference, May 16-18, 1990.
"A (Wo)man's Revenge: Guy de Maupassant and the 'War Machine'"; organized and chaired panel on "Jules Vallès: Political and Ideological Representations." Colloquium on Nineteenth-Century French Literature, University of Oklahoma, October 14-16, 1990.
Organized special session on "Mille Plateaux, Ten Years Later." Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago, IL, December 27-30, 1990.
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