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Updated July 28, 2011


Philosophers' Zone [ABC] (audio download, Alan Saunders, with Robert Sinnerbrink, 26 March 2011): Who Was Gilles Deleuze? (part 1) -- + TRANSCRIPT:

Philosophers' Zone [ABC] (audio download, Alan Saunders, with Robert Sinnerbrink, 2 April 2011): At the Movies with Gilles Deleuze? (part 2) -- + TRANSCRIPT:

The Association Siècle Deleuzien -- "La voix de Gilles Deleuze en ligne - Gilles Deleuze's Voice On-Line" (from Paris VIII-Vincennes/St Denis)

Course 1- Cinema) "Cinéma et Philosophie" --

Course 2- Cinema) "L'Image et la Pensée" --

Course 3- Cinema) "Cinéma et Pensée" --

Course 4- Cinema) "L'Image automatique"--

Course 5- Cinema) "Pensée et Automatisme"--

Gilles Deleuze on YouTube: "Je et le pronom personnel" (A Vincennes,1980 lecture, with Italian subtitles):

Gilles Deleuze on YouTube: "Qu'est-ce que l'Acte de Creation" (parts 1 & 2 of Deleuze's 1987 FEMIS lecture): 1. 2.

Gilles Deleuze on YouTube: "Mille Plateaux 1" --

Gilles Deleuze on YouTube: "Mille Plateaux 2" --

Gilles Deleuze on YouTube: "Anti-Oedipus 1980" --

Art + Culture Deleuze overview --

ARTDICK, images and texts related to Deleuze --

France-Culture --Deleuze programs, April 20 - May 3, 2002

Folds of Multiplicity Symposium: Real Audio recordings on Deleuze by Sven-Olov Wallenstein, John Rajchman, Manuel Delanda, Astrid Soderbergh-Widding, and Jacques Ranciere

Gilles Deleuze, Facs of Life - blurb on a film related to Deleuze and his students, by Silvia Maglioni --

Gilles Deleuze, Francis Bacon, the Logic of Sensation: a 2 MB pdf with 8 supplementary plates from the Bacon book --

Jacques Derrida, "On Forgiveness" (2004), readings of Deleuze --

"MILLE GILLES - A Thousand Gilles" (video documentary) --

Ijsbrand van Veelen -- Review of Mille Gilles documentary --

Art@Margarita Deleuze, (an artist in Florida, Margarita Deleuze) --

Extended Play (Architettura) --

Richard Pinhas, "Paris Atmosphere, September 1995", trans. Tim Adams, originally published in Chimères 31 (1997): Musician Richard Pinhas's reminiscences of contacts with Deleuze shortly before his suicide in fall 1995 --

Slought Foundation -- Dorothea Olkowski, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Greg Flaxman, "The Future of Theory, II (Feminism, Phenomenology, Philosophy)" - text and download --

Edward R. O'Neill, "Can the Time-Image Be Postmodern? Deleuze, Titanic and the Matrix", Slought Foundation:

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