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Magazine littéraire 406, February 2002 -- Dossier: "L'effet Deleuze"

Updated February 26, 2003

Magazine littéraire 406, February 2002 - Dossier: "L'effet Deleuze" [The Deleuze effect]

Repères dans l'oeuvre [Indices in Deleuze's Works] - Gilles Deleuze

1953. Empirisme et Subjectivité, PUF [Empiricism and Subjectivity, Columbia UP 2001]. Studies on Hume or how empiricism can save from (among other things) the primacy of the subject.

1962. Nietzsche et la philosophie, PUF [Nietzsche and Philosophy, Columbia UP 1983]. Decisive step for the re-reading of Nietzsche in France. Deleuze reads the philosopher of Sils-Maria here as a thinker of pure affirmation, an antidote to the prevailing Hegelianism.

1963. La philosophie critique de Kant, PUF [Kant's Critical Philosophy, The Doctrine of the Faculties, U of Minnesota P 1985]

1964, Marcel Proust et les signes, PUF, re-edited in 1970 under the title Proust et les signes with a new chapter, "The Literary Machine", then augmented in 1976 with "Presence and function of madness, the Spider" [Proust and Signs, new translation of the complete text by Richard Howard, U of Minnesota P, 2000].

1966. Le Bergsonisme, PUF [Bergsonism, MIT Press, 1988]. Reversal of the "spiritualist" image of Bergson. The philosopher as creator of concepts, purveyor of truth and falseness in problems.

1967. Présentation de Sacher-Masoch, Minuit [Masochism: Coldness and Cruelty/Venus in Furs, Zone, 1991]. Masoch without sado-masochism?

1968. Différence et répétition, PUF [Difference and Repetition, Columbia UP, 1995] Principal doctoral thesis (under Maurice de Gandillac's direction). In Foucault's words, "philosophical theatre." The history of philosophy reinvested as a dialogue of conceptual personae or a "collage" in the service of an ontology of pure difference.

1968. Spinoza et le problème de l'expression, Minuit [Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza, Zone, 1992]. Rereading that renewed interest in the "Prince of philosophers", master of thinking about univocity and immanence, starting from the concept of expression.

1969. Logique du sens, PUF [Logic of Sense, Columbia UP, 1990]. "Philosophical novel," constructed in "series" under the aegis of Lewis Carroll and the Stoics. How to think meaning while taking note of "structuralist" intuitions, but in order to get beyond them.

1970. Spinoza: textes choisis, PUF (re-edited in 1981 as Spinoza. Philosophie pratique, Minuit) [Spinoza: Practical Philosophy, City Lights, 1988]. Radiant introduction in which Deleuze's pedagogical talents are on full display.

1972. L'Anti-Oedipe (with Félix Guattari), Minuit [Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, U of Minnesota P, 1985]. The first step in the adventure with Guattari. Frontal attack on psychoanalysis, notably on Lacanian conceptions. Invention of "schizoanalysis" and the program for "desiring machines."

1975. Kafka. Pour une littérature mineure (with Félix Guattari), Minuit [Kafka. Toward a Minor Literature, U of Minnesota P, 1986].

1977. Dialogues (with Claire Parnet), Flammarion [Dialogues, Columbia UP, 1977]. Very good introduction to Deleuze's thought.

[1979. Superpositions (with Carmelo Bene), Minuit (no translation)].

1980. Mille plateaux (with Félix Guattari) [A Thousand Plateaus. Capitalism and Schizophrenia, U of Minnesota P, 1987]. Disconnected from the psychoanalytical reference, the second volume of Capitalism and Schizophrenia can unfold as a geology of pure multiplicity, according to the model of the rhizome.

1981. Francis Bacon: Logique de la sensation, éditions de la Différence, 2 vol. [still untranslated, officially].

1983. Cinéma 1: L'image-mouvement, Minuit [Cinema 1: The Movement-Image, U of Minnesota P, 1986] --
1985. Cinéma 2: L'image-temps, Minuit [Cinema 2: The Time-Image, U of Minnesota P, 1989]. Less a summum on cinema than a remarkable example of the way in which philosophy must allow itself to be taken up by an "Outside," in these cases, in order to elaborate thinking about time.

1986. Foucault, Minuit [Foucault, U of Minnesota P, 1988].

1988. Le pli. Leibniz et le baroque, Minuit [The Fold. Leibniz and the Baroque, U of Minnesota P, 1993].

1990. Pourparlers, Minuit [Negotiations, U of Columbia P, 1995]

1991. Qu'est-ce que la philosophie? (with Félix Guattari), Minuit [What Is Philosophy? Columbia University Press, 1994]. An astonishing success for this "manifesto," often much subtler than it first appears. Philosophy, as the creation of concepts, makes its voice heard against all those who declare it dead.

1993. Critique et clinique, Minuit [Essays Critical and Clinical, U of Minnesota P, 1997].

[2001. Pure Immanence. Essays on A Life, Zone - Includes "L'Immanence: Une Vie" 1995, "Hume" 1972 (included in the 2002 collection L'île déserte), and the small book published with PUF, Nietzsche]

[2002. L'île déserte et autres textes, Minuit].

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