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Magazine littéraire 406, February 2002 -- Dossier: "L'effet Deleuze"

Updated February 26, 2003

Magazine littéraire 406, February 2002 - Dossier: "L'effet Deleuze" [The Deleuze effect]

Repères biographiques [Biographical indices] - Gilles Deleuze

1925. Birth in Paris, January 18.
Secondary studies at the Lycée Carnot.

1944-1948. Studies in philosophy at the Sorbonne where he meets François Châtelet, Michel Butor, Claude Lanzmann, Olivier Revault d'Allones, Michel Tournier. Principal professors: Ferdinand Alquié, Georges Canguilhem, Maurice de Gandillac, Jean Hyppolite.
Frequents La Fortelle, a château where Marie-Madeleine Davy organized meetings between intellectuals and writers, following the Liberation: Father Fessard, Pierre Klossowski, Jacques Lacan, Lanza del Vasto, Jean Paulhan.

1948. Agrégation in philosophy.

1948-1957. Philosophy professor at lycées in Amiens, Orléans, in Paris at Louis-le-Grand.

1957-1960. Assistant in history of philosophy at the Sorbonne.

1960-1964. Research attaché at the CNRS (Centre national de recherché scientifique).

1962. Meets Michel Foucault in Clermont-Ferrand, at the home of Jules Vuillemin.

1964-1969. Chargé d'enseignement at the Faculté (university) of Lyon.

1969. Principal doctoral thesis, Difference and Repetition (director: Maurice de Gandillac); secondary thesis, Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza (director: Ferdinand Alquié)

1969. Meets Félix Guattari, with whom he creates a project for collaborative work.

1969. Named professor at Paris VIII-Vincennes from which Michel Foucault had just departed for the Collège de France and where Deleuze renews his acquaintance with François Châtelet.

1987. Retires from teaching.

1992. Serious aggravation of his lung ailment.

1995. Commits suicide on November 4 by jumping from a window in his apartment.

Particular traits: traveled little, never joined the French Communist Party, had never been a phenomenologist nor a Heideggerian, never renounced Marx, never repudiated May '68.

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