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Magazine littéraire 406, February 2002 -- Dossier: "L'effet Deleuze"

Updated February 26, 2003

Magazine littéraire 406, February 2002 - Dossier: "L'effet Deleuze" [The Deleuze effect]

References Points, I: Deleuze on the Web - Elie During

Deleuze and the Internet, the rhizome and the net: no one could dream up a more beautiful assemblage. The fact remains, however, that if the Deleuzo-Guattarian terminology is omnipresent in cyber-discourse, from "machinic phylum" to "smooth spaces," the problem of digital representation of a thought process shared between voice (the voice in courses) and writing (the writing in books) emerges in Deleuze's case precisely in the same way as for any other philosopher. With a rather admirable tenacity, Richard Pinhas has constructed "Web Deleuze" (, and not, which sends you directly to the site of an artist devoted to equestrian scenes). Extremely simple in its conception and unique in its genre, this site overflows with important resources. Accessible there without restriction are hundreds of pages of unedited transcripts of recordings: conference presentations (at IRCAM on musical time, at FEMIS on creation), courses at Vincennes (on Spinoza, Kant, Leibniz, Bergson, Husserl and metallurgy, flows and capitalism), discussions with Lyotard (and even several of Lyotard's courses), a bibliography, photo and audio archives, etc. All the texts are in the process of being translated, into Spanish and English. The journal Chimères, created by Deleuze and Guattari, also has its site ( a utopian and polyphonic space that mixes concepts and models, texts and figures, but above all, an electronic display for the paper version. Charles Stivale's site, "Deleuze and Guattari Web Resources" (, has the advantage of offering not only a number of commentaries and articles on Deleuze and Guattari, but also a nearly integral translation of L'Abécédaire into English ( [Nota bene: rather than a translation, this resource is a summary of the video interview of Deleuze by Claire Parnet - CJS]. In the category of experimental sites under the aegis of A Thousand Plateaus, we can mention "Rhizomat", a random generator of Deleuzo-Guattarian quotations ( This somewhat disappointing site proves well that it's not so easy to trace lines of flight on the Web, nor to get beyond the Text. Finally, there is the inevitable network of Deleuzian "chat" resources: the electronic forum for discussion and experimentation (?) most frequently accessed has been online since 1994 ( For a thematic repertory of Deleuzian resources on the Internet, see "Deleuze and Guattari Internet Resources" (


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