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Updated August 24, 2011

 Magazine littéraire 406, February 2002 -- Dossier: "L'effet Deleuze"

 Essays -- M DeLanda, B Massumi, T May, S Shaviro


 Diverse Essays & Links



Manuel DeLanda Annotated Bibliography -- An annotated bibliography of the work of contemporary Mexican philosopher Manuel DeLanda -

"The Geology of Morals, A Neo-Materialist Interpretation"

"Meshworks, Hierarchies, and Interfaces"

De Landa on YouTube (European Graduate School, 2006) :

 Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

 Part 4

 Part 5

 Part 6

 Part 7

 Part 8
De Landa on YouTube (European Graduate School, 2007):

 Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

 Part 4

 Part 5


TODD MAY ON THE WEB: May on YouTube :

 Deleuze & Creativity, 2010

 Radical Democracy, 2011





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Colloquium on French Theory, Brussels, 11-14 May 2011 --

Jean-Marie Barnaud, "Gilles Deleuze: L'âme est sur la route", "écrire comme marcher", an essay on Deleuze and poetry --

Ian Buchanan -- Deleuze and the Contemporary World --

Catherine Clément -- "Postface 1980: From Anti-Oedipus to A Thousand Plateaus. Bob Wilson philosopher"

Claire Colebrook, Geopolitics - A Very Short Introduction to Gilles Deleuze, downloadable --

C. Damkjaer, "The aesthetics of movement: variations on Gilles Deleuze and Merce Cunningham" --

Ben Davis, "Bacon, Half Baked" (re Deleuze's book on Bacon) --

Erik Davis, "The Witch's Flight, A Review of Deleuze & Guattari's What Is Philosophy?", a version of Davis's Summer 1994 Voice Literary Supplement review --

Deleuze At Greenwich (UK) -- Volcanic Lines, Deleuzian Research Group --

Jacques Derrida, "On Forgiveness" (2004), readings of Deleuze --

Rick Dolphijn, "Introduction: Deleuzian Perspectives," from the Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, 2002, Tampere, Finland --

English Language Institute's Deleuze Studies (Manchester Metropolitan University): "Becoming for Beginners" (Deleuze Key Concepts):

Annick Foucault, "Homage to Gilles Deleuze," a fascinating and perceptive reflection on Deleuze's Venus in Furs and on his relations to sado-masochism (by Annick Foucault, author of Maîtresse Françoise ed. Collection Digraphe - Mercure de France) -- + see also the main Web page:

Michel Foucault page --

Jakub Zdebik Gail, Stephen A. Jarislowsky, "Skin aesthetics as incarnation: Gilles Deleuze's diagram of Francis Bacon" --

Generation-Online, Translations (diverse translation of texts by Negri, Bifo, Agamben, Foucault and others):

Gary Genosko, "Transversal House: Deleuze and Guattari in Japan":

Gary Genosko, "Busted: Félix Guattari and the Grande Encyclopédie des Homosexualités", in Rhizomes 11/12 (2005-06):

Michael Goddard -- Felix and Alice in Wonderland: The Encounter between Guattari and Berardi and the Post-Media Era --

Irving Goh, "Dangerous Philosophy: Threat, Risk, and Security,"

Patrice Guinard, "Par l'Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze: Témoignage" (reflection and overview of Deleuze's Abécédaire)

Stephan Günzel, "Immanence and Deterritorialization: The Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari" --

Robin B. Hamman, "Rhizome@Internet"

Amy Herzog, "Images of Thought and Acts of Creation: Deleuze, Bergson, and the Question of Cinema," In Visible Culture (2000)

Eugene Holland, "Spinoza and Marx"

B. C. Holmes - "The Deleuzian Memory of Sans Soleil" --

Ingeborg Houwen: "Diagram, A Speech in Space" -- Science Fiction Performance Drama (5 Parts), from

Brian Hulse (ed.), Sounding the Virtual: Gilles Deleuze and the Theory and Philosophy of Music - ebook access --

Doug Ireland, Notes on Deleuze --

E Kaufman, Criticism review of Zizek and Badiou on Deleuze -- +

Jean Khalfa (ed.), Introduction to the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, downloadable --

Matt Lee, "'Memories of a sorcerer': notes on Gilles Deleuze-Felix Guattari, Austin Osman Spare and Anomalous Sorceries" --

Robert Lort, "Jean-Luc Godard, inbetween Deleuze" --

Patricia MacCormack, "Pleasure, Perversion, and Death: Three Lines of Flight for Viewing the Body" --

Peta Malins, "Machinic Assemblages: Deleuze, Guattari and an Ethico-Aesthetics of Drug Use" --

David Martin-Jones, "Becoming-Other in Time: The Deleuzian Subject in Cinema" (Ph.D. dissertation) --

Donatello Materassi, "Gilles Deleuze and Hazardous Curves"--

Todd May, "How Might One Live?" opening chapter of his Gilles Deleuze: An Introduction (2005)--

Beth Metcalf, "The Univocity of Deleuze," excellent notes and overview of a key problem in Deleuze's thought --

Luc Moullet, "Green Garbage Bins of Gilles Deleuze" (2000) --

Timothy S. Murphy and Daniel W. Smith, "What I Hear Is Music Too: Deleuze and Guattari Go Pop," Echo 3.1 (Spring 2001) --

Antonio Negri, "On Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus",%20A%20Thousand%20Plateaus.htm

David Neo, "Fractal Images of Memory in Mother and Son," Offscreen Nov 30, 2001 --

Edward R. O'Neill, "Apprehending Deleuze Apprehending Cinema" - Review of Der Film bei Deleuze/Le cinema selon Deleuze, Edited by Oliver Fahle and Lorenz Engell Weimar/Paris: Verlag der Bauhaus-Universitat/Presses de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, 1997.

Keith Ansell Pearson: Review of Todd May, Gilles Deleuze: An Introduction --

Claire Perkins, "Cinephilia and Monstrosity: The Problem of Cinema in Deleuze's Cinema Books," review of The Movement-Image and The Time-Image

Richard Pinhas, "Paris Atmosphere, September 1995", trans. Tim Adams, originally published in Chimères 31 (1997): Musician Richard Pinhas's reminiscences of contacts with Deleuze shortly before his suicide in fall 1995 --

Annie Potts, "Deleuze on Viagra (Or, What Can a ‘Viagra-Body’ Do?)." Body & Society, Vol. 10, No. 1, 17-36 (2004), abstract:

Abstracts for the University of Queensland "Virtual Mathematics" mini-conference (June 2005 - Arkady Plotnitsky, J-M Salanskis, Daniel W. Smith, Simon Duffy)

Gerald Raunig -- A War-Machine against the Empire: On the precarious nomadism of the PublixTheatreCaravan

Alex Scott, "Gilles Deleuze's Difference and Repetition" - A review of Paul Patton's translation

Isabelle Stengers, "Deleuze's Last Message" --

Charles J. Stivale, "Duelling Auge' -- Pascal and Marc," (in reference to a discrepancy regarding the term "espace quelconque" in Cinema 1, p. 109/L'Image-mouvement, p. 154):

SWIF Site (Il Sito Web Italiano per la Filosofia:, Adelino Zanini's review of Massimiliano Guareschi's book: Deleuze popfilosofo (ShaKe, 2001) --

THINKING'S LEGACY: "Gilles Deleuze's Polyrhythmic Approach to Objectivity"

Donato Totaro -- Gilles Deleuze's Bergsonian Film Project --

Lisa Trahair: "The Narrative-Machine:Buster Keaton's Cinematic Comedy,Deleuze's Recursion Function and the Operational Aesthetic"

Katherine Waugh & Fergus Daly: "Film by Samuel Beckett" --

Alistair Welchman, Review of Gilles Deleuze, Desert Islands and Other Texts --

Richard Wilkerson, in the Postmodern Dreaming project, Delirium, Desire and Deleuzioguattarian Dreamwork

James Williams, pdf complete text of The Transversal Thought of Gilles Deleuze --

James Williams, Interview re books including critical guide to Difference and Repetition - Ready Steady Book

James Williams, Review of Gilles Deleuze's ABCs: The Folds of Friendship by Charles J. Stivale

Joseph B. Yesselman's "A Dedication to Spinoza's Insights" - Links that any Spinozan cannot do with out, with Deleuze's commentary in "The Ethics" --

Nina Zimnik, "What Will This Century Be Known As? Deleuze and Resistance for Theory" (1998) - Review of South Atlantic Quarterly issue, "A Deleuzean Century?" 96.3 (1997) --

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Deleuze Studies, journal from Edinburgh University Press:

MMU Deleuzian Studies -- The English Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University:

Una Chung, "Gilles Deleuze and the Composition of Living" Course Pages --

Santiago Colas, Teaching Deleuze, Course Page --

Michael Hardt on Anti-Oedipus & Mille Plateaux:

Michael Hardt, Reading Notes on Marx's Capital:

John Protevi, Deleuze & Guattari Coursework Materials, Louisiana State University --

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