French 7770

Fall Semester 2000

Literary Criticism and Cultural Studies: French Cultural Studies

Charles J. Stivale
361 Manoogian, 577-0970

Detailed Program -

Course pack (Chauderlot) = [C] / Handouts xeroxed = [H] / Library Reserve = [R]

Week/Date - Subject/Readings

2 - Thurs, 14 Sept: Introduction


3 - Tues, 19 Sept:

[H] Stivale, "On Cultural Lessons, French and Other," Contemporary French Civilization 21.2 (1997)

[H] Marie-Pierre Le Hir and Dana Strand "Rethinking the Discipline," in French Cultural Studies, eds. Le Hir and Strand 1-9

Thurs, 21 Sept:

[H] Barthes, Mythologies: "Myth Today" (109-159) +

[H] Stivale, "Barthes and the Left: Political and Cultural Engagement"


4 - Tues, 26 Sept:

[R] Barthes, Mythologies (15-25, 56-64, 81-87, 100-102) +

[R] Barbara Johnson, ch. 3 "Writing", in Lentricchia/McLaughlin, Critical Terms for Literary Studies 39-49

*** [Essay 1: A contemporary mythology: due on Tues, 3 Oct]

Thurs, 29 Sept:

[R] U. Eco, Travels in Hyperreality, "Lumbar Thought" (191-95), "The Multiplication of Media" (145-150), "Culture as Show Business" (151-57), "Sports Chatter" (159-165), "Two Families of Objects" (183-85) +

[R] Paul Bové, ch. 4 "Discourse", in Lentricchia/McLaughlin, Critical Terms for Literary Studies 50-65

5 - Tues, 3 Oct: [R] Stephen Greenblatt, ch. 16 "Culture," and John Guillory, ch. 17 "Canon" in Lentricchia/McLaughlin, Critical Terms for Literary Studies, 225-249
Pedersen in Lehir/Strand

**** Essay 1: A contemporary mythology: Due in Class

Thurs, 5 Oct: [R] James H. Kavanagh, ch. 22 "Ideology" in Lentricchia/McLaughlin, Critical Terms for Literary Studies 306-320 + Chambers, in Le Hir/Strand

*** Selections for synopses/critiques (wks 8-10) due by Thurs, 12 Oct (selection of essays in Lehir/Strand, except Kritzman, Pedersen, Chambers)

6 - Tues, 10 Oct:

[R] Grossberg, Nelson, Treichler, "Introduction" from Cultural Studies (1-16)

[R] J. Pfister, "The Americanization of Cultural Studies" from Yale Journal of Criticism 4.2 (1991): 199-229.

+ Kritzman, in Le Hir/Strand

Thurs, 12 Oct: [R] S. Hall, "Cultural Studies and its Theoretical Legacies," in Cultural Studies (277-294)

[R] C. Nelson, "Always Already Cultural Studies: Two Conferences and a Manifesto," Manifesto of a Tenured Radical 52-74

*** Make selection for synopses/critiques (for weeks 8-9)


7- Tues, 17 Oct: Rosello in Lehir/Strand +

[H] Stivale, "Becoming-Cajun" in Cultural Studies 14.2 (2000)

*** [Essay 2: Midterm questions distributed: due on Tues, 24 Oct]

Thurs, 19 Oct: No class (Work on Midterm questions]


8- Tues, 24 Oct: synopses/critiques I (choice from Le Hir/Strand)

*** Essay 2: Midterm questions: Due in class

Thurs, 26 Oct: synopses/critiques II (choice from Le Hir/Strand)


9- Tues, 31 Oct: synopses/critiques III (choice from Le Hir/Strand)

*** [Abstract of research paper, due Tues, 7 Nov, in class]

Thurs, 2 Nov: No class (prepare Abstract + Bibliography of Term Paper)


10- Tues, 7 Nov: Discussion of research projects + class format for weeks 11-14

*** Abstract/bibliography of research paper: Due in class

Thurs, 9 Nov: Performance - Nicole Peyrafitte (rec'd reading [H]: Henry Sayre, "Performance" in Lentricchia/McLaughlin Critical Terms for Literary Studies 91-104)


Weeks 11-14 Readings by and with Key Cultural Theorists: (Subject to possible revision during semester)

111- Tues, 14 Nov: [H] Jacques Lacan, "The Agency of the Letter in the Unconscious, or Reason Since Freud", in Écrits
[H] Kaja Silverman, The Subject of Semiotics, ch. 4

Thurs, 16 Nov: No class (prepare papers for mini-conference)


12- Tues, 21 Nov: Mini-conference of research papers (works in progress)

Thurs-Fri: Thanksgiving Break


13- Tues, 28 Nov:

[R] Judith Butler, "Desire," in Lentricchia/McLaughlin, Critical Terms for Literary Studies 369-386
[C] Hélène Cixous, "Sorties: Out and Out," and Luce Irigaray, "Women on the Market"

Thurs, 30 Nov:

Foucault, [C] "The Structures of Punishment," "Truth and Power," and "What Is An Author?" & Deleuze on Foucault, [C] "A Portrait of Foucault"


14- Tues, 5 Dec:

[C] Deleuze, "Letter to a Harsh Critic" (review) & "Mediators" + [H] "Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari on Anti-Oedipus," and "On A Thousand Plateaus", Negotiations
[H] Stivale, "The Folds of Friendship: Derrida-Deleuze-Foucault," forthcoming (fall 2000) in Angelaki

Thurs, 7 Dec: [C] Deleuze (& Guattari), "Minor Literature" +
+ [R] Deleuze, "Life and Literature" and "He Stuttered" in Essays Critical and Clinical
+ video excerpts from L'Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze

15- Tues, 12 Dec:

[R] J. Macgregor Wise, "Home: Territory and Identity," in "Gilles Deleuze and Cultural Studies," Cultural Studies 14.2 (2000): 295-310 +
Recapitulation - [H] Lawrence Grossberg, "Cultural Studies in/and New Worlds" (1993) and "Bringing It All Back Home: Pedagogy and Cultural Studies" (1994), in Bringing It All Back Home (1997): 343-390.

Research papers due noon, Mon, 18 December (absolute latest: noon Weds, 20 December, with extension obtained by request)