French 777

Winter Semester 1996

Cultural Studies and Literary Analysis: Socio-cultural Semiotics

Charles J. Stivale
361 Manoogian, 577-0970

Texts On Reserve

Barthes, Roland, Mythologies (Hill & Wang)
Baudrillard, Jean, Selected Writings
3 copies: Bennett, Tony, and Jane Woollacott, Bond and Beyond (Methuen)
Berube, Michael, Public Access (Verso, 1994)
Bloom, Allan, Closing of the American Mind
de Certeau, Michel, Heterologies (U of Minn)
D'Souza, Dinesh, Illiberal Education
Eco, Umberto, Travels in Hyperreality
Gane, Mike, Baudrillard Live
Grossberg, Lawrence, C. Nelson, P. Treichler, ed., Cultural Studies (Routledge, 1992)
Jacoby, Russell, Tenured Radicals
Kroker, Arthur, The Possessed Individual (St. Martin's Press)
Landow, George ed., Hyper/Text/Theory
Lentricchia, Frank, & T. McLaughlin, Critical Terms for Literary Studies (Chicago, 1990)
Silverman, Kaja, The Subject of Semiotics (Oxford, 1983)
Sykes, Charles, ProfScam

RUSH ORDER (November publication)
Deleuze, Gilles, Negotiations (Columbia UP)

ESSAYS on Reserve
Stivale, Charles, "On Cultural Lessons, French and Other"
Eco, Umberto, "Narrative Structure in Fleming" from The Reader in the Text
Pfister, Joel, "The Americanization of Cultural Studies" from Yale Journal of Criticism (1991)
Foucault, Michel, "What is an Author?" in Harari, Josue ed., Textual Practice
de Certeau, Michel, "Practices of Space," "The Jabberings of Social
Life," in Blonsky, Marshall, ed., On Signs
Rosello, Mireille, in Landow, George, ed. Hyper/Text/Theory
Montag, Warrenm, in Kaplan, ed., Postmodernism and its Discontents
Bourdieu, Pierre, excerpts from Distinction
Le Hir, Marie-Pierre, from NCFS
Grossberg, Lawrence, in Ross, ed. Universal Abandon
Yudice, George, in Ross, ed., Universal Abandon
Moulthrop, Stuart, in Landow, George, ed., Hyper/Text/Theory