French 6450 -- Course Credit by Examination

Charles J. Stivale, 361 Manoogian (313-577-0970)

[Revised December 6, 2002]

As indicated on the French 6450 course syllabus, the final grade is based on a combination of components, some of which (e.g. class participation, pop quizzes) cannot be included in such an examination for credit. The course focuses on four broad periods, two of which will constitute the areas of emphasis for this examination for credit:

1. Origins (The Gaules) -- La Guerre de Cent Ans (1314-1453)
2. La "grant monarchie" (dès 1453) -- l'époque des "Lumières" (jusqu'à 1789)
3. La révolution française (dès 1789) à la chute du Second Empire (1870)
4. La Troisième République, de 1871 jusqu'à 1981

The examination for credit will consist of two general components: from the four periods listed above, the candidate will choose two periods in which he/she will prepare to take two two-hour written examinations, one over each period chosen. These examinations will include a section of identifications of historical names, dates and events, and a section of several essay questions from which the student will choose one or two, as indicated.

The examinations may be taken in one day or over several days (or weeks) depending on the candidate's schedule.

The final grade will be determined as an average of the two parts of the examination taken.

It is the student's responsibility to have made all the necessary administrative arrangements (i.e. signatures on the credit by examination form, payment of the fees) prior to beginning the first part of the examination, and must bring the completed form at the time of commencing the examination.